Our History

The Far Northeast Health Alliance was initially established as a partnership between Families Forward Resource Center (formerly Lowry Family Center) and the Colorado School of Public Health in 2011. 

Today, the FNHA coordinates and promotes actionable opportunities through committees, monthly gatherings, trainings, and other activities whereby individuals, families, and neighbors can:

  • work with others striving to make a difference in their communities;

  • share ideas and best practices for effecting positive social change; and

  • receive support, technical assistance, and recognition.

The FNHA membership includes a broad base of community health organizations, governmental health agencies, school-based health services, local health-centered  businesses and some health-oriented funders.  Many of the representatives from participating organizations are also community residents, and the FNHA also has a number of resident members who are not affiliated with organizations.

Our Values

The FNHA believes in

  • Addressing the root causes of health inequities through cross-sector collaboration and scrutiny of the social determinants of health

  • Utilizing an asset-based community development model to strengthen communities

  • Empowering individuals, families, and neighbors to advocate for their interests

  • Engaging the gifts and talents that all community members possess to build a foundation of hope and community pride