Families Forward Resource Center

Believing that personal and public health is a fundamental aspect of family prosperity, Families Forward Resource Center (FFRC) provides community health services for our families. Health advocacy services include health coverage, nutrition and cooking classes and developmental screening services. FFRC staff work within the northeast Denver and Aurora communities to provide these health services and increase positive public health outcomes for our clients.

Health Coverage

FFRC's health advocates work with families to help obtain health coverage and identify a medical home. Advocates walk families through enrollment in programs such as CHP+ and Medicaid while also connecting them with other health and medical resources.

Nutrition classes and Zumba

As proper nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, FFRC offers nutritional cooking classes in conjunction with Cooking Matters, CSU Extension and other organizations. Participants learn how to cook diverse and healthy dishes for themselves and their family.

FFRC also provides exercise programs, including free Zumba dance classes. Zumba provides a total body workout, which has been proven to effectively burn calories, work multiple muscles and also provide cardio exercise. As well, the exercise benefits its participants by relieving stress, improving both physical and mental health.

In addition, FFRC offers Yoga and a Women's Walking Group. FFRC is always looking for new and creative ways to engage the community in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Developmental Screening Services

FFRC assists parents with monitoring their physical, mental and emotional development through the Ages and Stages child development program.

Ages and Stages helps identify weak areas or problems children may have, helping parents address them early on in the child's life. It also identifies developmental milestones and helps parents understand their child's current developmental level.