Far Northeast Health Alliance
Working Together to Support Community Wellness for All


Health embodies wellness in all its dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Vision: A far northeast Denver community that is a healthy, safe, and flourishing environment for all people.

Mission: To be a community-driven effort that promotes health and wellness in far northeast communities through resource sharing, health education, and resident mobilization.


Current Priorities 

Diabetes Prevention Program (partner)

  • A year-long lifestyle intervention program delivered in partnership with the Montbello Branch Library

Healthy Babies, Strong Families (leverage resources & build capacity)

  • A Healthy Start Program that combines service delivery and collective impact to reduce infant mortality among African Americans

Transportation Expansion Working Group (engage, mobilize, & advocate)

  • A community-driven effort dedicated to the development of equitable and accessible transit options

Planting the Seed Conference (educate & raise awareness)

  • A Young Adults for Positive Action-sponsored community gathering that includes healthy living sessions designed to educate, raise awareness, and catalyze action

Quality of Life Survey (value strengths & wisdom)

  • A means for gathering residents’ input to inform strategic planning and program development